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  • Date Posted: May 12, 2015
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  • Address: ballintemple wicklow
Name: Ballintemple

S.M.R. No.: n/a

G.P.S. Coordinates: 52°50’2.6” N, 6°15’28.21”W

Townland: Ballintemple

Altitude: 103m

Access Type: Private (Ask landowner’s permission prior to visiting the site).


Location/Setting: Located on private agricultural land, this rock art is within Ballintemple graveyard (WI040-011003), which is situated in a field under pasture. The stone is southwest of the remains of an early medievalchurch (WI040-011002). The site is located around 380m southwest of the Aughrim river.

The Rock: This thin, subrectangular, granite (?) slab (1.05m long x 0.60m wide x 0.11m thick) is presumably not in its original location. It is in good condition and there is no noticeable biological growth.

The Art: The stone is decorated with 8 circular cupmarks (3cm-9cm diameter), 5 linear grooves/oblong cupmarks, and an unusual larger motif, which appears almost like a footprint. The decoration of this slab is unusual when compared to the Wicklow repertoire.







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