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Baltynanima (WI018-036)

Baltynanima (WI018-036)

S.M.R. No.: WI018-036

Townland: Baltynanima (Roundwood)

G.P.S. Coordinates: 53°03’39.7” N, 6°13’44.2”W

Altitude: 250m

Access Type: Private. (Ask landowner’s permission prior to visiting site)


Location/Setting: This boulder was originally found in Baltynanima during the course of ploughing, and was moved to the front garden of a house outside Roundwood.

The Rock: This schist boulder, measuring 1.3m (length) x 0.90m (width) x 0.50m (height), has a sub-square area (41cm x 40cm) in one corner removed to a depth of 20-23cm. One edge of this cut is stepped, while the edge perpendicular to it is almost vertical, which might suggest quarrying.

The Art: The boulder is quite elaborately decorated with a number of motifs, including 12 cupmarks, 4 cup-and-ring motifs, and 3 linear grooves. The cupmarks are unusual in being quite large and deep.

The cup-and-ring motifs are located in the central part of the decorated surface. Their central cupmarks range between 9-11cm in diameter, and are c. 8cm deep. Three are enclosed by a single ring, one with a semi-circular arc. The maximum external diameter of these motifs measure between 16-18cm. Two of the cup-and-ring motifs are conjoined, creating a figure-of-eight shape. Seven cupmarks (two small cupmarks 3.5-3.7cm diameter, 2.7cm deep; remaining cupmarks 6.5-8cm diameter, 4-5.5cm deep) are located to the exterior of the figure-of-eight motif, and a further four (6-8.5cm diameter, 4-6cm deep) beyond the other two cup-and-ring motifs. Another cupmark (6cm diameter, 3.5cm deep) is located just beyond one of the linear grooves. One linear groove (20cm long, 4cm wide, 3cm deep) is located above the cup-and-arc motif, while a second (17cm long, 4cm wide, 2cm deep) is located between the cup-and-arc motif and the cupmarks to the exterior of the figure-of-eight motif. The third groove (14cm long, 4cm wide, 3cm deep) is located just above these cupmarks.





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