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Drummin (WI017-017)

Drummin (WI017-017)

Name: Drummin (WI017-017)

S.M.R. No.: WI017-017

G.P.S. Coordinates: 53°3’7.9” N, 6°16’55.47”W

Townland: Drummin

Altitude: 283m

Access Type: Private (Ask landowner’s permission prior to visiting site)



This boulder is located on private farm land. It was found during the course of preparing the land for forestry plantation, and was moved to the south side of a farm track, where it is currently situated around 115m south of WI017-002.

The Rock:

This sub-triangular granite boulder (1.2m long x 0.90m wide x 0.55m high) has frequent mica inclusions and occasional large quartz inclusions. One side of the stone shows signs of quarrying.

The Art:

There is a scatter of c.40 closely spaced cupmarks (3-5cm diameter, 1-2cm deep) on the upper surface of the stone, some of which seem to form a linear pattern.

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