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Fananieran (WI029-021)

Fananieran (WI029-021)


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  • Date Posted: May 12, 2015
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  • Address: glenmalure wicklow
Name: Fananieran (WI029-021)

S.M.R. No.: WI029-021

G.P.S. Coordinates: 52°56’27”N, 6°21’34.9”W

Townland: Fananieran

Altitude: 283m

Access Type: Public


Location/Setting: This panel is located in Glenmalure, in a closed valley that is crossed by the Wicklow Way. There are a number of other stones as well as hut sites in the vicinity. It is situated in boggy ground, and is partly covered by peat.

The Rock: This large schist slab measures 90cm wide and a minimum of 1.65m in length (full length could not be determined due to peat coverage). It has a low profile, lying close to the ground surface, and does not stand out in the landscape.

The Art: There are 20 cupmarks, and a further 3 possible cupmarks, scattered across the surface of the slab. There does not appear to be any particular pattern, except for a possible linear arrangement of 5 cupmarks along the eastern edge of the stone. Some of the cupmarks are small (2-3cm in diameter, 1cm deep). The remainder, including those forming the linear pattern, are more substantial (4-5cm in diameter, 1.5-2cm deep).







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