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  • Date Posted: May 22, 2015
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  • Address: Threewells

Name: Threewells

S.M.R. No.:

G.P.S. Coordinates: 52°52’19.8” N, 6°18’16.2”W

Townland: Threewells

Altitude: 189m

Access Type: Private (Ask landowner’s permission prior to visiting site)



This slab is located on private farm land, around 300m northeast and uphill of WI034-030. It has been placed against a field boundary hedgerow, just inside the field gate.

The Rock:

This sub-rectangular granite slab (1.14m long x 0.82m wide x 0.23m high) has a mottled coloured surface, presumably a result of lichen growth.

The Art:

There is a scatter of at least 8 cupmarks (4.5cm diameter, 2cm deep) and another 5 possible cupmarks, which are concentrated on the end of the decorated face which is closest to the field boundary. They do not appear to form any particular pattern.



Gallery_Image3_Threewells Gallery_Image2_Threewells Gallery_Image1_Threewells






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