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Tinakilly Upper

Tinakilly Upper

Tinakilly Upper

Name: Tinakilly Upper

S.M.R. No.: n/a

G.P.S. Coordinates: 52°51’37.1” N, 6°18’18.7”W

Townland: Tinakilly Upper

Altitude: 163m

Access Type: Private (Ask landowner’s permission prior to visiting the site).


Location/Setting: This rock is located on private farm land and was found during the course of agricultural work. It is currently located close to a field wall, to the east of the farm house. There are a number of other stones here, including a small subcircular stone with a large cupmark and a number of fragmentary disc querns.

The Rock: A small, sub-rectangular (0.69m x 0.28m x 0.19m thick) granite stone, with some moss growth. It is no longer in its original location.

The Art: Only one face is decorated. The art consists of a combination of cup-and-ring motifs, linear grooves, and cupmarks. The two cup-and-ring motifs, which are joined by a linear connector (23cm long), consist of a cupmark (3-4cm diameter) enclosed by a single ring (overall motif size: 8cm, 10cm). There are two cupmarks to the right (3cm diam.) of and above (4cm diam.) the smaller cup-and-ring motif. Linear grooves extend from each of these cupmarks – a 30cm groove from the smaller cupmark, and a 13cm groove from the larger cupmark. Another groove (19cm long) is located to the left of the larger cup-and-ring motif and appears to follow the outline of the stone. There are a further three possible cupmarks above the linear groove that links the two cup-and-ring motifs.







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